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About us

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Who is Marble Boutique?

For 35 years, Marble Boutique has been extracting, manufacturing and suppling precious natural stones that have witnessed thousands of years of history. Like the thousand-year-old story of marble, Marble Boutique’s position in the marble sector is getting stronger every day.

We source and supply natural stone and marble from ancient European quarries, which are distinctly known for their historic and contemporary stones, such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Greece. The stones of these countries have shaped a foundation for the stone, which over the centuries have been used in buildings and architecture. We bring to it our exceptional resources and knowledge to captivate clients; starting from the core of Mother Nature at our majestic quarries to deliver an urban renaissance feel.

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Where are we?

Marble Boutique’s CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS are based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The company offers cost-effective, strategically located global distribution points in Washington D.C., Miami, and Los Angeles for shipments moving to and from Canada, as well as around the world. We also have international offices in Turkey, Italy, and Spain.

Our offices Quarries, Factories and Stores United States, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Kingdom and United Arab Emirates

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Our Quarries & Factories
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Why We are Different?

Marble Boutique brings unique and exotic stones to the market, that are exclusive, and can be found nowhere else. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality material to our customers at exceptional prices. The supply chain and logistics of our stone is operated by us because we stand behind quality and value from start to finish.

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How we deliver the quality of finest marble


Obtaining quality material first requires finding a potential quarry and marble vein. Then, we take core samples to verify the quality and purity of the marble and to help us determine the best location for digging the quarry.


The use of hoists, bulldozers, caterpillars and cranes have replaced the ancient use of slides or lizzatura, a technique which permitted moving the blocks from areas at heights to the quarry yard, The last phase in the quarry process ends with the cranes lifting the blocks and loading them on the vehicles that transport them to the plain. Dozens of lorries travel every day the marble way.

Cutting and Polishing

Because of the massive effort it takes to extract the stone from the quarry and prepare if for the finished product, it’s in this phase of production where we especially focus on refining the texture to the desired aesthetic required for each specific project.


There are various methods to packing the slabs depending on their size, such as using a multitude of configurations of wooden slats and plastic sheets in between each slab. Irregardless, the care in packing is equally important if not more so to the quality of the material itself. There are no shortcuts at Marble Boutique in saving on costs regarding packing and transport. We account for each step of the process so that our stone products reach the client safely without damage.


If the finished slabs are being shipped abroad, we will prepare a number of wooden bundles to insert them into containers. For slabs being shipped within Europe, we transport them using iron a frames to maintain their position.


We proudly ship anywhere in the world through the added convenience of our multiple warehouses throughout Middle East, Europe and the US.

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